“Transformation through targeted people development”

I have over 25 years’ business experience, the last 9 in Human Capital Management, supported by a Cum Laude Honours Degree in Business Management. I have worked closely with business leaders to develop a strong understanding of key business strategic drivers, and knowledge of how to marry global strategy with operational outputs. My wide range of business expertise has been developed in a multi-national manufacturing organization where my understanding of business processes resulted in involvement in successful corporate projects.

Targeted Solutions for your business

My passion is people and organisational development. As a highly skilled HR professional, I have experience in all aspects of Human Capital Management from Recruitment and selection to Performance and Talent Management, as well as policy and procedure implementation.

I am a Prosci Accredited Change Management Practitioner and trainer, and USA trained global team facilitator. This led me to believe strongly in the coupling of Project Management fundamentals with Change Management principles to ensure the success of projects through teamwork.

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Sue is a proud member of KZN Women in Business