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Change Management

Change management incorporates organisational tools which can be utilised to help individuals.


Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Game changing for business, life changing for people.  Developing EI is critical for career progression.


Leadership Coaching

Constant evaluation to assess our thought patterns, behaviours & skills to ensure we remain relevant.



Talent Management shifts the focus from pure performance to a combination of performance and potential.


Recruitment & Development Assessor

I am accredited with a variety of assessment tools to support the recruitment and selection process. 


Human Capital Specialist

With over 15 years experience in the Human Capital environment, I am skilled in various areas.


I am passionate about all aspects of personal and organisational development. Organisations do not change and remain relevant without the people within them changing and remaining relevant.  The personal development journey starts with improving insight and self-awareness which can be achieved through a variety of assessments based on the specific needs of the individual.

I have gained extensive organisational development experience with involvement in many successful projects. These include implementing and managing a Talent Management process, organisation-wide job evaluation and grading, and waste elimination through assessing job methods and processes. 

As a highly experienced HR Practitioner, I have a deep understanding of job demands. As a result,  I am able to combine these elements to best assist my clients in their transformation journey.  My client portfolio includes those in retail, industrial, manufacturing and consulting sectors.

By successfully combining change management and emotional intelligence principles, I help to guide people and organisations through the often-uncomfortable process of change. This is improved through understanding and managing resistance and being aware of and dealing with the resulting emotions.

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My Affiliates and Certifications

Sue KZNWIB Chairperson

KZNWIB Chairperson for 2022 & 2023

I was nominated and voted in to be the Chairperson for KZN Women in Business.
It was an honour to serve this amazing organisation that has been an incredible source of support to me and my business.

What my clients and delegates have to say

I am focused on building long-lasting partnerships with my clients.  My desire is to know their businesses intimately so I can effectively help them navigate the complexity within their industry.
Being a resource to a constantly evolving organisation is exciting and satisfying and seeing tangible results is extremely motivating. 

Prakashnie Govender
Prakashnie Govender
December 18, 2018.
Very professional, she understood the business model and how the staff component is essential. She used that knowledge to facilitate a life altering session with the key members of staff. Her experience and insightfulness made the experience an enjoyable one.
Wojciech Szygowski
Wojciech Szygowski
December 17, 2018.
Very professional working effectively and she knows the subject Very Well
Tracy Ibbetson
Tracy Ibbetson
August 11, 2018.
You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate development practitioner and coach!
Paddy Isobel Erasmus
Paddy Isobel Erasmus
August 8, 2018.
Sue is a very interesting young Lady and has a lot of knowledge
"If you ever want a Consultant who is passionate about her work, then Sue is the right person!
We, at Mindoro Group have used Sue’s expertise in areas ranging from conducting Emotional Intelligence workshops to organisational development.
Sue is an absolute pleasure to have on board when the need arises!”
Craig Becket
Mindoro Group
"Sue is a coaching guru. Her positive energy and practical tools have made a significant difference in my personal and professional life. Before I began coaching sessions with Sue, all I would see was the mounting tasks ahead of me. She helped me to see the bigger picture, prioritise and ultimately become more effective in delivering support to my clients and team."
Meghan King
BM Analysts
"She built my self-confidence. I became motivated and want to strive to be the best at what I do. She is very informative and knowledgeable. Sue your service was exceptional. Keep up the great work – Thank You!”
Training delegate
“The facilitator was well spoken and encouraged interaction.
The course content was extremely relevant.”
Training delegate
“The trainer was very friendly and had so much information to share. A lovely person 😊.”
Training delegate
“The facilitator used great analogies – also very interactive.”
Training delegate
“I enjoyed the activities and how Sue acknowledged everyone’s opinions and inputs (she doesn’t make you feel shy to answer in case your answer is wrong), kept it very interesting.”
Training delegate
“The presenter was very clear and straight to the point with appropriate examples.”
Training delegate
Sue st Leger speaking


I enjoy speaking at events where I can share my knowledge and experience. Please contact me if you are needing a speaker specialising in my areas of expertise.


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