About Me

I have over 25 years’ business experience, the last 9 in human capital management, supported by a Cum Laude Honours Degree in Business Management. I have worked closely with business leaders to develop a strong understanding of key business strategic drivers, and knowledge of how to combine global strategy with operational outputs. I am skilled in all aspects of human capital management including selection and recruitment, learning and development, performance and talent management, and procedure development and implementation. I am an experienced global team facilitator, change management practitioner and accredited trainer, and have seen the benefits of linking project management fundamentals with change management principles to ensure the success of projects and organisational change. My biggest areas of impact have been the implementation and completion of an organisation-wide job evaluation and grading project, and streamlining of job processes through elimination of wasteful activities. My passion is people and organisational development. It is this passion that drives my belief in self-knowledge being the basis for personal development. My wide range of assessment tools provide personal insight and awareness and lead to improved leadership and inter-personal skills.

Areas of expertise

Job grading and profiling.

Leadership coaching.

Talent management.

Soft skills training facilitator.

Transition and alignment workshops.

Global team facilitations and support.

Accredited skills development facilitator and assessor.

Accredited prosci change management practitioner and trainer.


PXT Profiler

PDA assessor and practitioner

Genos emotional intelligence practitioner

DISC assessor and practitioner

Training delegate feedback

“She built my self-confidence.  I became motivated and want to strive to be the best at what I do.  She is very informative and knowledgeable.  Sue your service was exceptional.  Keep up the great work – Thank You!”  


“The facilitator was well spoken and encouraged interaction. The course content was extremely relevant.”


“The trainer was very friendly and had so much information to share. A lovely person 😊”.


“The facilitator used great analogies – also very interactive.”


“I enjoyed the activities and how Sue acknowledged everyone’s opinions and inputs (she doesn’t make you feel shy to answer in case your answer is wrong), kept it very interesting.”


“The presenter was very clear and straight to the point with appropriate examples.”  


I enjoyed it when I was given an opportunity to present in front of everyone who attended the course.”


“The way the facilitator explained and facilitated it was on point.”


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