Sue St Leger

I have over 25 years’ business experience, the last 9 in human capital management, supported by a Cum Laude Honours Degree in Business Management.

I have worked closely with business leaders to develop a strong understanding of key business strategic drivers, and knowledge of how to combine global strategy with operational outputs. As an experienced global team facilitator and change management practitioner and accredited trainer, I have successfully linked project management fundamentals with change management principles to ensure the success of projects and organisational change.

about me

Get to know me!

I am a Trail running enthusiast who loves enjoying our beautiful South African outdoors.  I have completed several marathon’s, ultra-trails and mountain biking events and enjoy any form of adventure.

Being an avid reader, I have a magpie mentality when it comes to finding and buying personal development and business books.

I love connecting and collaborating and am deeply curious about people and their personal journeys. As a result, I can get lost in deep debate and am invigorated by discussions of a philosophical nature.  I thrive on being challenged to improve and grow and find often myself surrounded by those who inspire me to do so.

where I started

The story behind my logo.

Why a butterfly? We all know a butterfly represents transformation and change, but I had the body designed to be made up of people. Throughout our lives, we grow and transform, and we help others to do the same.


I chose turquoise for it’s associations with energy, wisdom, creativity, emotional balance, friendship, patience, intuition and joy. This tranquil colour is believed to enhance communication skills and calm the mind and body.


For my accent colour, purple was appropriate as it is associated with luxury, ambition, creativity, devotion, peace, dignity, pride and independence. This  colour is thought to increase nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, encouraging imagination and creativity


a few of my


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